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Come to discover the story of Wind and Fire M.C created in 1991 which groups firefighters brigades driving on Harley-Davidson aiming at organizing ballads and meetings, but also shares for the benefit of charitable works among which in particular the O.D.P (Works Of Wards(Pupils)).

Consult the site WIND and FIRE M.C ARMORICA MASSIS by means of the links of browsings in the MENU and in THE MULE to obtain more information on the origin of Armorica Massis, our activities, our shares, contact, messages, tributes, links, etc., and do not hesitate to go through the photo album....

We wish you a pleasant visit and hope that you will find the sought information.

Good reading and wrinkles safe ..............

".......Our job is no war, no politic...........but just saving live"

JERRY EIBERT (fondateur W&F M.C)