August 11th, 2002, on the initiative of our English brothers, all the European chapters found themselves in London to pay tribute to our 343 brothers-in-arms of the FDNY, among whom 6 brothers of the Wind and Fire M.C, disappeared on September 11th, 2001 in the attacks of the World Trade Center.

A tribute, marked with a great emotion, was returned to them in front of the war memorial of Firefighters of London. We gift(donation) t forget..... We shall never forget. Since this tragic event, every Full house-members carry sewn on their quoted.

In June, 2006, for the 15th birthday of Wind and Fire M.C, our American brothers, on the initiative of Eddy Styven Président Européen du Wind and Fire M.C, participated in an European run which allowed the brothers 2 quoted by the Atlantic Ocean to be able to meet and share the same passion which we united.

Year 2011, always on Eddy Styven's initiative, was the opportunity for the European brothers to cross the Atlantic Ocean within the framework of the 20th birthdayof Wind and Fire M.C. This meeting took place in August, 2011, that is 10 years after September 11 attacks.

In the European scale(ladder) and always under the aegis of ' Eddy Styven, is organized an annual European Rally which allows us of all to meet. In the already made destinations, CZECH REPUBLIC, FRANCE, ITALY, ENGLAND, SPAIN, INTENSIFY it, BELGIUM, BAVARIA, HUNGARY already appear to the prize list of the gatherings of Wind and Fire M.C, and others are to come in ..........